Carnu-B FAQ

1) How often should I apply Carnu-B Wax™?
A: We recommend once every 6 months for most climates. If you live in an area that is near the ocean and hot (Southern California, Hawaii), then you can apply it more often.

2. Can I apply more than one coat of Carnu-B Wax™ at one time?
A: Yes, but it is not necessary. The wax will not build up layers even if you continue to apply it.

3. How long should I allow the wax to sit on my vehicle before buffing it off?
A: Carnu-B is formulated to be removed before it dries. If you let the wax dry, it would still come off without using a lot of extra effort.
4. Can I use Carnu-B Wax on my new or custom paint job?
A: Yes, as long as the paint has cured completely. Check with the paint manufacturer for curing times or with the auto body shop that did the work.

5. Does Carnu-B Wax™ contain abrasives or cutting agents?
A: Carnu-B Wax™ does not contain abrasives or cutting agents.

6. Can I use an orbital or high speed buffer with Carnu-B Wax™?
A: Yes.

7. What should I use to remove oxidation?
A: Carnu-B Wax™ is formulated to remove oxidation. It is VERY IMPORTANT to NOT allow the wax to dry. If you do, the oxidation will remain and you would need to apply more wax. For severe oxidation, we recommend using Carnu-B Metal Shine™ in conjunction with Carnu-B Car Wax.
8. Where should I store Carnu-B Wax™?
A: Store Carnu-B Wax™ in a cool, dark place. Do not store in direct sunlight and do not allow it to get extremely hot or to freeze. The ideal temperatures to store the wax is between 55° and 80° Fahrenheit.
9. Someone told me I can use Carnu-B Wax on glass. Is this true?
A: Yes. Many people use Carnu-B Wax™ on windshields; inside and out. You can use it on shower doors, mirrors, and house windows.
10. Why should I use Carnu-B Conditioning Auto Shampoo™?
A: To maintain and prolong the shine of your vehicle after you have applied the wax.
11. Will Carnu-B Coconut Creme Protectant™ attract dirt?
A: No. You will notice much less greasy feel and residue, especially if mixed with water.
12. What is the abrasive used in Carnu-B Metal Shine™?
A: Carnu-B Metal Shine™ contains aluminum oxide which is considered a mild abrasive.