I purchased this product a few years ago...two bottles, and I am still using them. NO OTHER PRODUCT works this well, I have a ton of other products in my garage, and they are all gathering dust. I just started cleaning a couple of Harleys that where neglected, Carnu-B wax and cleaner made them look brand new. A friend of mine watched as I went after the fairing and windshield on the Electraglide, and he just about freaked out when he saw how well it works! Great product at any price! Carnu-B has a customer for life!



Back in the 80's I detailed professionally and presently, I just want to have an awesome shine on my vehicles. So over-hyped underachieving products are no surprise to me! I have used them all. I have tried the cheap auto store brands as well as the expensive specialty waxes and sealant. Then I discovered Carnu-B polish. My search for the perfect product is over. This polish does everything they claim and more. Absolutely effortless to apply and remove. No powder when removing. A dripping wet appearance to the paint finish. Works as well on solid colors as on metallic paint. In fact, carnu-b polish makes the metallics seem like they are ready to jump out of the clear coat! The surface is extremely smooth. I did my auto glass inside and out and my windows actually shine...it is incredible. It shines chrome trim and my wheels as well. Brake dust doesn't even stick to my rims as much as before. I am quite jaded when it comes to waxes and polishes. I have always liked the warm gloss that can only be obtained by carnauba. I just detailed my neighbors royal blue Prius with the Carnu-B and she says whatever I used this time on her car that is what she wants used all the time! She could actually tell that I used a different product.Get a bottle and be prepared to be amazed.Finally an honest product that does what it says it does, sold by nice people that take the time to answer any and all questions. Maybe your search will end as well.

~ Scott | Professional Car Detailer in Van Nuys, California


I own a custom powder coating company. I am constantly telling my customers about your product. In fact it is the only wax I even allow in the shop! Ha ha ha just great! Figured I would send some pics of my recent build freshly waxed with your wax… every customer bike, custom build, car, truck, or product that leaves our shop is first hit with your wax.

~Joseph | Owner of a Professional Custom Powder Coating Company


This is indeed the best wax I have ever tried. I have always waxed my own cars for many many years, take a lot of pleasure in doing it. But with the Carnu B Wax this is not only a pleasure but it obviously prolongs the life of the paint-coat. I have a hobby of keeping my old cars looking great. I really see how this product is going to make that hobby more fun.

~ Javier G, Sunland, CA.


I’ve used your wax for quite a few years now. In my opinion it’s the best Auto Polish / Wax on the market. My family worked and owned dealerships and auto-body shops. So naturally I grew up around vintiques, race cars, show cars and all of the professional products to care for them. Carnu-B wax is one of the best Polish / Waxes I’ve ever used. I’m excited to try your Auto Shampoo, Quick Wax and your Deluxe Chamois. They are in my current order with you. Thank you again for your wonderful product. You make it easy for me to shine.



I have quite a lot of wood furniture at home and am used to waxing and polishing this furniture. So whenever I decide to wax something I know that I am going to get some exercise and use a lot of 'elbow grease'. So when I first used the Carnu-B wax I expected to do the same on the car to get a shine that I wanted, but to my amazement, something happened thatI have never experienced before; with just a light slide of a cloth (no special cloths needed) the Carnu-B wax produced a perfect shine! Also the chrome trim looked great, just a little slide of a dry cloth and there were the lovely shiny chrome accents on the car. This wax protects the car and avoids having to clean the car each week. Very pleased, great product.

~PB Sunland, CA.


I was amazed at both how easy the Carnu-B wax was to apply and how well it worked. The last time I waxed my car, it was with “Brand X”, and by the time I had finished the required rubbing, my arm muscles were still sore the next day. In contrast, the Carnu-B wax went on with the ease of a light rubbing and with no resultant strain to my arm. Better yet, the Carnu-b restored the beauty of my gold 1995 sports Camry and it really looks like new again. I had forgotten how pretty those little flecks in the paint were. Now that I know how simple it is to use this wax, I won’t be using any other brand!

~Kristine, Tampa Bay, Fl.


The car was pretty yucky. It had been parked under a flowering oak tree and had lots of oak "worms", pollen and sticky stuff on it. I hosed it down to get off the big stuff and let it dry in the sun. It took two hours to complete the job and a bit of elbow grease to rub that sticky stuff off. I used about 2/3 of the bottle. I also did the windows inside and out. What I like most is that even though I still park under that oak tree, now I can just take my microfiber mitt and dust off the pollen and it doesn't stick as bad as before. It wipes off real easy with a slightly damp mitt, too. The car is a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. I have had it since 2003 and it has only been polished once or twice by running it through one of those car washes. It was really due for a good polishing. It looks so much better now that it is done. I liked the fact that the car didn't need to be washed first, that it was a one-step process. I am sold on it. My husband's truck is next.

~Kathy S. Clearwater. FL.


This was the first time I have waxed my 17 year old Honda Civic. It was really a pleasure to use. I really liked the consistency and ease of application of your Carnu-B Wax. Very creamy. I followed the directions and did a little bit at a time and used two small shammys to apply and buff it. I had several oxidation spots on the hood of my car that it didn't take out, but the overlook of my car has vastly improved! I almost can't wait for it to rain. I want to see how water will bead up on it. One thing your Carnu-B Wax did unexpectedly was polish up the hard black plastic trim. It was a dull grey and is now shiny black. I could feel the lack of fillers in the product as it made it much easier to apply. Thank you for creating such a superior product.

~Caty K Reno,NV.


Carnu-B wax does not require an applicator or any serious rubbing to put it on unlike most other waxes!!!! I took my car to the carwash and had it washed. While I was there I saw a Ferrari being waxed. I was unimpressed with the wax they used on the Ferrari as it just wasn't that shiny when it was done. I took my car home and used the Carnu-B Auto Conditioning Shampoo to handle all the crap on the car that was missed by the car wash. It did a pretty good job! I then used the Carnu-B wax and was very surprised at several things: 1. It does not require an applicator or any serious rubbing to put it on unlike most other waxes!!!! Very important because ANYONE EVEN AND OLD LADY COULD DO IT! 2. It wiped off easily and was not smudgy with very little effort! Most waxes require drying with arduous effort to remove the dried on wax to bring up the shine. 3. It made all the trim and soft rubber seals and lenses look like brand new with no extra effort!!!! I waxed the glass and it really looks good. This was superior to the other waxes I have used in the past. I took some of the coconut conditioner to a soiled area on my door panel. I didn't realize at first that I had to clean the are first, then apply it as a protectant. It will definitely make future cleaning easier. Next I did my wheels. It went on easy, with minimal wiping- my wheels looked like new! I also used the conditioner on the sides of my tires and they looked shiny and black again.

~Mike A, Owner of THE MOPAR MAN, Tujunga, CA.


Great stuff! Goes on super fast and easy and lasts LONG. Great even for those of us who no longer have time to wax cars!

~Bill Milan, Clearwater, Fl.

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