Carnu-B Coconut Crème Protectant and Conditioner

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Carnu-B Coconut Creme Protectant™ is a safe and effective blend of emollients, plasticizers, penetrants and UV blockers specially formulated to protect, rejuvenate, and restore the original beauty and luster of vinyl, rubber, and polished leather. Its unique blend of ingredients helps increase vitality and life expectancy of these surfaces. Cleaning and protecting will be much easier.

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Carnu-B Coconut Creme Protectant™ actually penetrates to replace important plasticizers which keep vinyl and rubber as soft, supple and colorful as the day it was installed. It also helps vinyl and rubber, so air and rain-born soils do not stick.   Carnu-B Coconut Crème Protectant and Conditioner can be used on dashboards, rubber tires and trim, moldings, vinyl tops, awnings, vinyl and polypropylene furniture, boat cushions, leather seats, hot tub tops, etc.  This make is a good fit for use on cars, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, RVs, hot tub covers, leather furniture, and so many other things.  It can also be diluted with ½ product and ½ water to make a fantastic tire dressing.

Carnu-B personally guarantees this to be the best protectant you have ever used or we will buy it back!

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